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HIII i updated da site!! i added a directory of my projects and socials to really reinforce this site as my main hub online :]

i updated the navigation on the side to show it, but neocities is being buggy n takin its sweeet time to update. umm happy summer i guess not much is goin on wit me other than my perpetual illness (#disabled). if u actually look at my directory you will see info about my system which, i dont really post about often but it do be existing. im trying to be chill and open while simultanouesly worrying that everyone will call me a weirdo. whoops. anyways dats all . . .

wahhh i haven't updated this website since nov, i promise i didn't forget about it i just have been busy and lazy.

anyways i'm updating this on my boyfriends setup which is a million times cooler than mine (just a macbook). he has like a really crunchy keyboard that i keep making typos on cause the keycaps are circles and i am not used to it.

and, like i mentioned in my last post, i got top surgery, which is funny that i'm blogging about it today since it's trans day of visiblity. i'm all heeled now :-] yippe!! i have hella other health issues now tho eeeek. anyways see u in another 4 months /j ILL BE BACK I SWEAR.

i saw the fnaf movie for halloween bro. we are fnaf /ref/j

also 1989 taylors version woooooo so my hyperfixations have begun to come back from hibernation. im getting top surgery in 2 weeks & got a minor surgery today to prep for it and am coding high on anesthesia and ibuprofen lolz :3

ive also been committting to the mermaid special interest bit like crazy and keep finding mermaid stuff and its all i look at on pinterest, hence the pic of the week; my beautiful nori...

this semester has been literally insane, socially and emotionally LOL. i don't really have time to study korean anymore, and i'm taking uni a lot slower than previously due to my neurodivergent ass struggling hard.

my hair is red now (not purple) and i just updated da site a bunch changing some minor layout stuff & made it more mermaid themed as it was intended to be. i figured out how to make this a lil scrolly box so this IS the blog bit now, haha.

my html fucking sucks still !!! but its improving at lease.

i am currently starting my 3rd undergraduate year at johns hopkins university, with a major in media and technology as well as a visual arts minor. i also study korean!! i've settled into my first, own apartment. i just dyed a purple streak in my hair! and i'm meeting lots of new people as it is my first week of classes.

i'm super excited to have this website as a place to share things now, and i might implement a blog if i can figure out the html. we'll see! here is a picture of my partner's cat, freya. (we've been dating for a year now! my boyfriend, not the cat.)

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i am an adult, i rt/rb/etc a lot, i interact pretty randomly with mutuals, very on and off socials, i post multifandom content about all my interests as well as my art.

please do not interact if you're 15 or under, hard anti any of my interests, proshipper, ship real people, dont like multifandom accounts, make fun of xenogenders / neopronouns, transmeds, queer infighters

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