about me as an artist

i tend to create digital art on my ipad the most, though i occasionally do traditional art. i went to an arts high school where i pursued the film & visual storytelling department. now at johns hopkins i continue studying film & media as well as visual arts through minors.
i tend to do portraits, though i want to start dabbling in environment art. my dream is to work on visdev and concept art for video games or animation!

some of my favorite pieces!

nora & miriam
these two are characters i developed via photobashing.

she is a mermaid character i developed inspired by cleo from the show h2o: just add water. the character you see her pictured with is steven grant from the show moon knight.

self portraits
art of myself. the one of my body is charcoal and pastel! my best traditional piece.

my spider-sona
this is sterlina garcia, my spider-person developed inspired by the spider-verse movie trilogy.

misc. portraits and sketches

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